Social Quality Declarations and Manifestos

Over the years, a number of Social Quality declarations and manifestos have been published, that remain highly relevant. They are:

The Amsterdam Declaration on Social Quality

Amsterdam, June 10, 1997

"Respect for the fundamental human dignity of all citizens requires us to declare that we do not want to see growing numbers of beggars, tramps and homeless in the cities of Europe. Nor can we countenance a Europe with large numbers of unemployed, growing numbers of poor people and those who have only limited access to health care and social services. These and many other negative indicators demonstrate the current inadequacy of Europe to provide social quality for all its citizens."

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Download the declaration (pdf)

The Manifesto for the Paris Climate Conference

November 23, 2015

"We, academics from all parts of the world, invite all state leaders to stimulate and support their universities to address the severe challenge of increasing unsustainability of living conditions on our planet."

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Download the manifesto (pdf)

The Post Brexit Declaration on Social Quality in Europe

March 8, 2017

"Although Brexit was a largely British-made phenomenon the EU itself cannot escape some of the blame. It ignored the warnings against sacrificing the ‘social dimension’ on the altar of neoliberalism and, instead, promoted a variant of the long discredited ‘trickle-down’ economics."

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Download the declaration (pdf)

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