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The International Association on Social Quality qualifies as an official charity in the Netherlands.

As such IASQ has an "ANBI status".

Policy, Activities, and Financial Reports

The International Association on Social Quality (previously known as the European Foundation on Social Quality) develops the social quality theory, methodology and policy application by exploring the dynamics and transformation of contemporary societies and their impact on the socioeconomic and financial, sociopolitical and legal, sociocultural and welfare, and socioenvironmental dimensions of daily circumstances. See this page for more information on our policies, activities, and Board members.

You can read our financial annual reports here:

The IASQ Board (including its director) works entirely on a voluntary basis. The members receive no financial compensation.

RSIN number: 8069.37.014


International Association on Social Quality
Bredeweg 20 – 1
1098 BR Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone +31 20 665 4923

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