Support Social Quality Declaration on Europe!

IASQ is calling scholars to support our Declaration that was published on March 8, 2017. The Declaration, titled The Post Brexit Declaration on Social Quality In Europe, deals with the pressing needs of European society after last year’s victory of the Leave camp in the Brexit vote.

The Declaration notes: “A Europe that was forged to keep peace between its warring nations and subsequently to encourage and support societal development and cooperation has increasingly given way to a slavish pursuit of economic competition and the vast inequalities in income, wealth, and societal standing that result from this.” It calls on the European leaders to reverse this trend: “In our capacity as responsible European citizens we solemnly declare that the European Union should urgently give priority to its social quality, otherwise it will lose further legitimacy and will not be the Union we support. … Social quality is fundamental to the creation of an inclusive Europe, a Europe for all citizens.”

Read the full Declaration.

Read the accompanying letter.

View the signatories (update: May 9, 2017).

Join us!

IASQ urges all scholars in the field to show their support for the Declaration. Already over 80 scholars have added their names as signatories. Join us! If you are willing to undersign the declaration, please mail us at, stating your name and affiliation. Thank you for your much needed support!

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