IJSQ 10.1 Released – Free Access for Two Important Articles

Issue 10.1 of the International Journal of Social Quality has been published by Berghahn Journals of New York. As a first step in the direction of open access for the journal, two of the articles are accessible for free. Both articles are outcomes of long collaborations within multidisciplinary project groups.

The first of these two articles is Pathways to Empowerment: The Social Quality Approach as a Foundation for Person-Centered Interventions. Here, you can read about the role of the Social Quality approach in a program aimed at empowering vulnerable people and helping them find the power to take control of their own lives.

The second project and related article, Evolutionary Thermodynamics and Theory of Social Quality as Links between Physics, Biology, and the Human Sciences, includes a philosophical journey into the natural sciences, focusing on the concept of time irreversibility as developed in the field of Evolutionary Thermodynamics. The paper discusses how the view that emerges from this approach may help to bridge the mental gap between natural sciences and social sciences – with special attention for the position of Social Quality in this discourse.

Two more articles in this issue explore the situation in ever growing megacities all over the world and the impact of the COVID pandemic there, seen from a Social Quality perspective, and evaluate the practicing of Corporate Sustainability within large corporate organizations.

You can access Volume 10.1 of the International Journal of Social Quality here.

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