Sharpening the SQ approach and developing indicators

Two topics central to social quality thinking and its policy application are the focus of the International Journal of Social Quality, issue 9(1).
The first is how to sharpen the social quality approach (SQA) as an intellectual instrument to understand the nature and rationale of political/legal, economic, cultural, and environmental processes in societies that aim to cope with their interpretations of mainstream contemporary challenges.
The second is how to use social quality indicators for conceiving of the consequences of these processes in communities and cities. The connection of these main themes of the SQA is increasingly becoming the crucial challenge for, in particular, the theoretical reflection on thinking and acting for the increase of social quality in communities, cities, and countries. A global oriented comparison of recent and past social quality indicators research—for being heuristically meaningful—cannot neglect the role of social quality profiles and criteria anymore. This will be the forthcoming huge and interesting challenge.

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