Journal of Social Quality focuses on rule of law

With focus on the rule of law, the current issue of the International Journal of Social Quality stimulates the dialogue about this highly relevant societal aspect of the sociopolitical/legal dimension. Four articles in this issue are outcomes of social quality projects; in Ukraine, a comparison between four Scandinavian and four Eastern European countries, in the Netherlands, and in China, respectively. In the final article, the Italian approach of the “rule of law” is presented, promoted in recent years by its governmental institutions in multilateral fora on priority areas related to the struggle against global crime, drugs, money laundering, and terrorism.
Sustainability is also a theme that is present in several articles. As the editorial states: “With presenting the rule of law, we must rethink the present and the outcomes of assumptions underlining suppositions of property rights as point of departure for the strengthening of the plutonomy. Without a change of these assumptions, the development toward the overall sustainability will be impossible.”

Issue 7.2 of the International journal of Social Quality is now available from Berghahn Journals.

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