Open Access – Volume 13 (1) 2023

The latest issue presents a multidimensional exploration of pressing global challenges, ranging from the ethical and societal implications of artificial intelligence (AI) to the intricate dynamics of climate change, wildlife preservation, refugee welfare, victimization in the criminal justice system, and working poverty. The journal underscores the necessity of comprehensive approaches to understanding these complex issues, rooted in the diverse societal patterns that shape them.

Key highlights include a critique of the current discourse on AI, emphasizing the need to focus on the neoliberal economic structures that empower mega-corporations rather than the technology itself. This theme of looking beyond surface-level explanations extends to articles on environmental crises, demonstrating how community resilience and legal measures can combat the effects of climate change and protect endangered species like Australia’s koalas.

The issue also delves into the human dimension, revealing the gaps between formal ethical principles and their implementation in the treatment of refugees in Greece, the revictimization of crime victims in Romania and the EU, and the persistent challenges of working poverty. These discussions reveal a consistent theme: the critical gap between universal ethical principles and the adverse societal practices shaped by current political, economic, and cultural forces.

Through its varied articles, the journal advocates for a social quality perspective, calling for an integrated and ethically grounded approach to tackling these societal challenges. It highlights the importance of realigning corporate governance, international laws, and societal practices with broader public and ecological interests to bridge the gap between principles and practice. This issue serves as a reminder of the interconnected nature of societal challenges and the collective effort required to foster a more equitable and sustainable world.

You can find the full issue here.

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