Open Letter from Ukrainian Scholars

The continuing Russian attack on Ukraine, with its destruction of cities, disrupting the lives of millions, and leading to over 3 millions of refugees, is deeply shocking. IASQ Chair Alan Walker has expressed our feelings about this in his statement published earlier this month.
With this in mind, IASQ supports the Open Letter to the academic community, published by the Council of Young Scientists at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on 11 March. In this letter, European institutions are called upon to end European funding for and collaboration with Russian institutions, both on European and national levels, until the current war is stopped. You can read the full text of the Open Letter here, in Ukrainian and in English.

IASQ has acted in accordance with this letter by suspending our collaboration with Russian institutions for the duration of the agression against Ukraine. Meanwhile, our thoughts are with our Ukrainian colleagues, and likewise with those Russian scholars who oppose this war and face mounting repression.

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