Working Papers

wp14Working paper nr. 17 : Preliminary ideas about the application and elaboration of the ‘social quality approach’(SQA) in Eastern Europe: the case of Ukraine: Starting points for a proposed ‘international joint-research project Ukraine’, namely, the INRU-project

By Laurent J.G. Van der Maesen, IASQ, Supported by Zuzana Novakova, ISS, the Hague, and Steven Corbett, Liverpool Hope University

Version 4, 15th December 2019

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wp14Working paper nr. 16 (draft): Arguments for and the elaboration of the ‘Manifesto on climate change’ : development toward sustainability

By Laurent J.G. van der Maesen c.s.

1th April 2016

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wp14Working paper nr. 15: Four IASQ research-projects proposals as elaboration of the Protocol signed by La Sapienza University in Rome and Zhejiang University in Hangzhou in preparation of the EU and the Asian-Pacific Observatories on Social Quality

By Laurent J.G. van der Maesen With contributions by Ton Korver & Helma Verkleij

30th March 2015

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wp14Working paper nr. 14: The position of citizens with regard to environmental protection: a contribution to a Chinese and European comparison based on reflections on the applied model by the Chinese city Jiaxing

By Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

20th January 2015

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wp13Working paper nr. 13: The Development of Social Quality between 1994 and 2014.

By Laurent J.G. van der Maesen and Alan Walker

6th January 2014

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wp12Working paper nr. 12: Analyzing Societal Circumstances, Sustainability and Sustainable Urban Development: New Theoretical and Methodological Challenges for Social Quality Indicators

By Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

20th April 2013

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wp11Working paper nr. 11: Development toward sustainability.

The need for a Comprehensive Conceptual and Methodological Framework for new politics and policies: A social quality perspective.

19 June 2012

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wp10Working paper nr. 10: Economic Performance, Social Progress and Social Quality.

By Dr. Peter Herrmann

Challenges arising from the development of economic globalization.

1 June 2012

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wp9Working paper nr. 9: Orientation, strategies and model (or experience) of the City of Hangzhou (Zhejiang province of mainland China) from a comparative perspective.

By Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

20th November 2012

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wp8Working paper nr. 8: Welfare Arrangements, Sustainable Urban Development and New Forms of Governance, the current 'demonstration project' of the City of The Hague as example. Plans for the start of comparative urban studies between The Hague, Sheffield and Hangzhou as point of departure for the European GOSUD-project.

By Laurent J.G. van der Maesen, assisted by Peter Herrmann

April 2012

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Working paper nr. 7: Aggregated neighbourhoods, women and public space: A case-study on fostering cohesion and empowerment from the Hague

By Zuzana Novakova

September 2011

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wp6Working paper nr. 6: Justice, migration and sustainable urban development: the case of Laak (North), neighbourhood of the City of The Hague

By Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

30th September 2010

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wp5Working paper nr. 5: Local Welfare Arrangements favouring Sustainable Cohesiveness and the Urban Casus of Laak North of the City of The Hague

By Laurent J.G. van der Maesen, Peter Herrmann & Alan Walker

April 2010

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wp4Working paper nr. 4: An Overview of strategies to develop the social quality approach in Europe and Asia during 2007 and 2008

By Laurent J.G. van der Maesen & Helma Verkleij

28th November 2009

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wp3Working Paper nr. 3: Reflections on the first set of Social Quality Indicators from the 'European Network Social Quality Indicators'

By Laurent J.G. van der Maesen

31st March 2009

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wp2Working paper nr. 2: The experimental urban space of Laak Noord of the City of The Hague as part of the Dutch Delta Metropolis: an adequate international frame of reference?

By Laurent J.G. van der Maesen, June 2009.

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wp1Working paper nr. 1: Social Quality and Precarity: Approaching New Patterns of Societal (Dis)Integration.

By Peter Herrmann and Laurent J.G. van der Maesen, August 2008.

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