Open Access – Volume 12 (2) 2022

In the December 2022 edition of The International Journal of Social Quality, five articles explore critical issues impacting society today. The editorial section pays tribute to those who have recently passed away and provides context for the following articles. The first article by Des Gasper, “Rethinking Human Development and/as Human Security for the Anthropocene,” proposes expanding the concept of human development to include human security in the Anthropocene era. The second article, “Transformation of Urban-Rural Relationships in the Context of Global Challenges” by Paolo Motta, Cintia Jaime, and Federico Salmeron Escobar, analyzes the evolving dynamics of urban-rural relationships in the face of global challenges such as climate change, migration, and social inequality. The third article, “Exploring the Digital Revolution in Education in India During the COVID-19 Pandemic” by Shivi Grover and Leemamol Mathew, investigates the impact of the digital revolution on education in India during the pandemic. The fourth article, “Technological Inequality and Social Exclusion of Older People During the COVID-19 Pandemic” by Anna Tsetoura, examines how the digital divide has resulted in social exclusion and technological inequality among older people. The final article, “Explorations of Contemporary Age Discrimination: A Global View” by Iryna M. Zharovska et al., examines the global prevalence of age discrimination and suggests policy interventions to address this issue.

Overall, this issue provides a global perspective on various societal challenges, including education, technology, urban-rural relationships, and discrimination. The articles highlight the importance of sustainable and equitable solutions to address these challenges.

You can find the full issue here.

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