IASQ and ISS publish sustainability manifesto

At the approach of the Climate Conference in Paris IASQ and the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) have published a manifesto, pressing for the crossing of existing borders in academic action on sustainability and inspiring state leaders to support this. This Paris Manifesto focuses on the urgent need for universities to address increasing unsustainability of living conditions on our planet.

The manifesto proposes

  • a comprehensive approach to the study of sustainability, overcoming traditional dividing lines
  • the creation of academic ‘change-agent centres’ to develop a common work plan and start the implementation of this plan
  • support of governments all over the world for establishing these centers and facilitating their work

Read the manifesto here.

The manifesto is supported by an overwhelming number of institutions and individual scholars around the globe.

View the names of the scholars who have announced their support for the manifesto. We will update this list on a regular basis. (Latest update: December 13, 2015.)

brug-23-10-2Be part of this initiative! If you are willing to undersign the manifesto, please mail us at info@socialquality.org.

Read the letter inviting scholars to undersign the manifesto.

Read the preliminary draft of the background paper for the manifesto. This document will be updated as it evolves towards its final version.

The Paris Manifesto is a joint initiative of the International Association on Social Quality (IASQ) and the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), both located in The Netherlands.

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