Journal explores sustainability related social quality approach

Issue 8(2) of the International Journal of Social Quality is now available from Berghahn Journals. The first three articles of this issue are dedicated to aspects of the current debate about and the praxis of environmental questions. The fourth article concerns the application of social quality indicators in China.

In an article about greening British businesses, Curtis Ziniel and Tony Bradley focus on the distinction between a post-material and a postindustrial point of departure for paving new ways regarding this connection. Tim Cadman et al. give an insider account of the COP climate negotiations, comparing market-based and non market-based approaches. Laurent van der Maesen uses the case of the Plastic Soup Foundation to propose further development of the social quality approach to include environment related issues. And Li Wei and Cui Yan explore the social quality of China related to indicators derived from a nationwide survey.

You can download the editorial for free at the website of Berghahn Journals.

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