Twenty Years of Social Quality Thinking

The year 2020 marks twenty years of the social quality approach. This is why we have provided an overview of the work that has been done since the beginning in a historic University building in Amsterdam, via European collaboration in the European Foundation on Social Quality, to the worldwide efforts of the International Association on Social Quality as we know it today.

We also took the opportunity to enhance and update the content of our IASQ website, to better reflect the work (past and present) on social quality projects. The themes range from public health in times of Covid-19 and overall sustainability to the work on social quality indicators and the development of the theory of social quality. You will find all this in the projects section of the website.

The text on social quality theory has also been revised and vastly expanded. It is in itself an invitation for further development and worldwide collaboration. In the publications section, you will find new references to books and other publication that reflect the impact of social quality thinking on a wide range of subjects.

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